Mando Diao – Give Me Fire (2009)

Tak začneme švédskou skupinou Mando Diao,  aj keď neviem prečo, stále som si myslel, že pochádzajú z Nemecka, možno aj preto, že tam veľa koncertujú. Chlapci prichádzajú so svojim piatym štúdiovým albumom s názvom „Give me fire“ © 2009 Universal Music / Musica De la Santa. Na albume sa nachádza 13. pesničiek. Aktuálny singel„Dance with somebody“.


  1. Blue Lining White Trenchcoat
  2. Dance With Somebody
  3. Gloria
  4. High Heels
  5. Mean Street
  6. Maybe Just Sad
  7. A Decent Life
  8. Give Me Fire
  9. Crystal
  10. Come On Come On
  11. Go Out Tonight
  12. You Got Nothing On Me
  13. The Shining

Dolňujúce info:

Štúdiové  albumy:

  • Bring ‚Em In ( 2002 )
  • Hurricane Bar ( 2004 ) – odporučam
  • Ode to Ochrasy ( 2006 )
  • Never seen the light of day ( 2007 )
  • Give Me Fire ( 2009 )

Koncertné DVD:

  • Down in the Past ( 2006 )

Koncerty: ( vyberám iba tie pre nás najbližšie )

  • 19. Marca STADTHALLE  Offenbach, Germany
  • 20. Marca T-mobile Street gig, Ballsaal Orpheum Dresden
  • 22. a 24. Marca GROSSE FREIHEIT, Hamburg, Germany
  • 26. Marca GASOMETER, Wien, AT

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One Reply to “Mando Diao – Give Me Fire (2009)”

  1. Mando Diao: Our choice.
    You have two choices. You can be lost in hip-hop, listen to the absurd music of Lady Gaga or someone similar OR you can listen to one of the greatest bands ever! MANDO DIAO is a Swedish alternative rock band from Borlänge. Their debut „Bring ‚Em In!“ was released in 2002, but they reached the greatest success seven years later with the album number five called „Give Me Fire“. This band consists of 5 really talented guys – Bjorn Dixgard, Gustaf Norén, CJ Fogelklou, Samuel Giers and Mats Bjorke. Their music is the real music. Maybe you know their songs like Dance With Somebody, God Knows or If I Don´t Live Today Then I Might Be Here Tomorrow, but there are more songs and lyrics, that should be discovered. Music developes our souls, so let Mando Diao develop your soul. It´s simple! You can be a part of this! You can comment their photos, watch their official videos, get to know interesting people and new friends, help them in some polls and maybe you can reach Ochrasy 🙂 and all that because of the HQ team and of course because of Mando Diao´s fans. Just go on and join us! Our STREET TEAM. Street Team is a special section, where you can earn some points and come closer to the band. You can take part in missions (e.g. weekly votings to several music programmes, promoting the band on web communities, writing reviews, requesting to play their songs or other actions- you can choose what suits you the best) and report it with „screenshots“, after this you get points. You can also join your local Special Unit- fans group that helps with promoting the band locally.
    Mando Diao has changed our lives! Thanks to them we know our Land of Ochrasy, where is still playing the best music ever. Perfect. Incredible. Indescribable. They are part of our lives now. We’ve chosen music that makes us happy, even in the hardest times. We’ve chosen Mando Diao!!!

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